For over 25 years  Asif Forklift LTD is one of the leading companies in its field

♦ A family owned company who appreciate the values of reliability, Professionalism and service quality

♦ vast variety of Forklifts for sale.

♦ Service and parts for All types of forklifts.

♦ Rental services all over israel.

♦ accessorized garage in the center of israel.

♦ Annual licensing tests.

♦ pre – buy tests.

Asif Forklift LTD will help you solve all the problems of transportation by providing forklifts professionalism, reliability and quality. In addition to our range of services you will find new and second-hand forklifts department open to the public. In our second hand department you can find new and second hand forklifts from all the best models on the market, which are being handled and renovations. There is an emphasis on high-level treatments, professional and courteous service and supply forklifts leading manufacturer's unprecedented prices.

The best forklift for your business

We have a large selection of lifting forklifts - diesel, electric and pedestrian stacker, from leading manufacturers: hyster, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Komatsu, Clark, Linda and more. Forklifts are offered for sale or rent, and we provide our clients with consulting services that include assessment of forklift purchase price, checked for integrity and maximum adjustment for any business.


Forklifts marketed by us are backed by repair and maintenance service professional and very fast. We have mobile service units for extracting all types of forklifts and for repairs area throughout the country. In addition, we operate a garage authorized by the Ministry of Transportation renovation forklifts, and performed in works mechanics, electricity and painting.

Rental forklifts

Asif Forklifts provides forklifts for rent, based on long or short period according to the client. The company provides a wide solution for each client.

 Repair and Maintenance

Asif Forklift specialized in repairing and maintenance for all types of forklifts, and available for fast service throughout the country professional and reliability
Way. The company has a strong reputation repair forklifts, thanks to the professional and reliable service it provides to all customers.

Renovation and upgrading forklifts

♦ Asif Forklift specialized in renovating and upgrading all types of forklifts tracks.

♦ We are also specialized in diagnostic fixing electric system- control unit, chargers, batteries and more.

♦ Asif forklift selling parts for all forklifts brands at very attractive prices.


Asif  Forklift known as a supplier by the Israeli Defense Forces , and we are authorized to perform an annual
 License for forklifts by the ministry of transportation.

Forklifts Chargers

Asif Forklift is an authorized agent of power gen class h insulated chargers made in Italy for electric forklift, very compact and heed all American's and European standards.

 Asif Forklifts will help you solve all the problems of transportation Agility, professionalism and in excellent prices
 Asif forklift work with partners all over the world imported forklift farts and accessories.  We always look for new partnerships and suppliers and invite you to contact as.

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